Desert Combat
Survive the Sands, Dominate the Desert!

Our Leadership

The people behind



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More information coming soon…

Our Discord

You want to suggest features or just want to chat with the community and us? Feel free to join our discord, you’re very welcome. On our discord you can also find previews of our game and our progress.
Just click on the discord icon to be a part in our community.

Financial Help

Please don’t feel forced to help us financial but every euro does help us to create our dream game. You can donate an amount choose by yourself.

Your Help

You want to help us out? Their many ways you can do this. For example just add some suggestions, make us famous by spreading our Discord invite or just be there when our game goes open to the public. Just be creative and you’ll find a way how you can help us during our trip to create a survival shooter.

Future Plans

Where can you find our future plans? We’ll post soon a roadmap on our website and also on our discord. Few more you’ll find soon in our discord preview channels.